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Websites to post short stories

Websites to post short stories

websites to post short stories

Here are some of the best websites and online writing communities that allow writers to gain writing advice, tips and feedback on their stories free of charge. Websites are listed alphabetically. 1. ABCtales. At the time of writing, ABCtales hosts over , short stories written by nearly 20, authors 24/4/ · In your list of publications: Rather than trying to post all of your published short stories on your website, offer readers and editors an easy way to see the full scope of your publishing history. A website page dedicated to your list of publications is a great way to outline your short story publishing credits and provides a one-stop shop for fans who want to read more of your blogger.comted Reading Time: 3 mins Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of writers have posted hundreds of thousands of short stories, novel, poems, articles and more. Tens of millions of readers have gained access to some of the best up-and-coming writing talent and supported writers who have gone on to become best-sellers

Top 7 Websites for Writers to Post Their Work Publicly

Hello, You can publish your writings by using the web application Bookonlive. com More than simple narrations, websites to post short stories, you can choose to publish living texts. As each new chapter is published, your subscribers receive a notification by e-mail.

In that way, they can follow the development of your narrations as they evolve and through the forum of your livebook, share your impressions with your readers. Earn money by selling access to your texts, choose the price and the currency, get the payment of your committees on your Paypal account.

Increase the impact of your writings by customizing the appearance of your livebook and by styling the characters. With Bookonlive the authors are the exclusive owners of any text published. com Have a nice day.

Try www. com They share the advertisement revenue based on pay per view. They accept stories too. com, publishing short stories and poems from new up and coming authors who need a place for their work to be appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no payment to the authors as it is running on a free hosting site, but it is websites to post short stories place where people's work can be appreciated. I find www. com simply gorgeous for story writing. It's much easier easier, free and you can write your owned stories, create scored quizzes and personality quizzes, polls, questions, groups. good idea for beginners. if you want and getting nerves. you could start with free blog sites like www.

com and share your post with your friends to review it. this process will help to build confidence level and avoid silly mistakes. also get and apply professional tips for better performance. I am currently writing in Booksie. its free and really there is appreciation for work. For autobiographies, you might try irecordmystory. I prefer to self-publish my E-books I recently use Draft2Digital.

If you don't know what kind of a self-publishing site is. I'll explain to you: It's a simple risk-free E-book publishing platform where you can easily publish books to desired vendors. Their site can walk you through publishing your content. And they also had a distribution with Create Space,--where you can publish your book in paperback format, websites to post short stories, that way, if some people don't have an E-reading device; they can read a print copy.

You can take a look of their site at www. I've done some publishing on Issuu but Websites to post short stories don't really recommend that site. It's hard to get readers for your stories and the published stories aren't SEO-friendly. You will find this site amazing to share your stories and received by huge audience.

Short Stories- Life is a story. thank you for your post! I personally take ideas and resources on Keep going, I am sure many people will find it helpful. Have a great day! I wish you to know that I am one of those people who enjoy writing stories for fun, so I think it will be great to share my creations with the other people. Why not. I am not afraid of criticism!

Thanks to you, I would like to choose Booksie. com site for a start! It is great that I can retain my full rights to my works! Hope I enjoy using this site! Thanks Jo Linsdell for your post. Storify lets you write engaging stories that can go viral with live audiences. Now livefire is enabled storify. Share your own story on storify and engage live audiences, websites to post short stories.

I must say it is a superb post. You might want to meet the classic author duo L. Hart and Olivia Rupprecht who have already created a classic novel before: "THERE WILL BE KILLING".

They are back with a bang with another novel which introduces the twist of murder and money in the most thrilling way that one could image. When Kate is kidnapped, J. is pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and one false move could cost him everything. Indeed, there are players — and then there are the masters who make the rules only to break them.

There are other wars within wars in turbulent websites to post short stories And when it comes to a certain cash crop flourishing under the dominion of the mysterious Poppy King, everyone wants a piece of the action. Money talks. The currency? Losers die. The sequel to the national bestseller THERE WILL BE KILLING, MAKING A KILLING artfully weaves a spellbinding tapestry of dark history, psychology, and seduction — the best and worst of our humanity.

and the hunger of our hearts. Some other sites include fictionpress. com and ratemywords. The second one is not very popular, but there is a 5-star rating system and a way to read, write, websites to post short stories receive feedback on short websites to post short stories, songs, poems, etc. FictionPress is for basically anything you want to write as long as it is within the guidelines. You can also try Wattpad. com, which has become rather popular in recent years. You can write anything there, from novels to fanfiction.

org is also like this i would also recommend getinkspired. com you can write and publish stories there short, serial or even comics, websites to post short stories. Its free and its possible to rise some founds by creating crowdfunding campaign. Websites to post short stories recommend Short Stories Great website for anyone to submit their story and receive readers' feedback. This is useful for young and aspiring writers and bloggers.

My first experience in writing professional articles I got here, and very happy about it. I love to hear websites to post short stories you. So feel free to comment, websites to post short stories, but keep in mind the basics of blog etiquette — no spam, no profanity, no slander, etc.

Thanks for being an active part of the Writers and Authors community. Skip to content. When it comes to publishing your stories online you have a few options:.

In this case, the answer that automatically comes to mind is to create a blog. You keep all the rights to all work published on your site and get to present it just the way you want to. You can personalise the look of your site so it's the perfect match for your stories or design it so it expresses your personality.

If you want to create a professional showcase for your writing you might want to consider getting a domain name and setting up a website with professional hosting. Following on from this, if you're interested in publishing your stories with the goal of gaining feedback from readers etc then you might want to check out these sites :.

If you want to make some money from your stories consider publishing them as ebooks. Again you have various options. A popular way to go about it is by using a site like lulu. com or Amazon's kindle program to self publish your work and make it available to the public websites to post short stories purchase. Have you published you stories online for free? Which route did you take and why? Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

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14 Free Platforms To Share Your Short Stories Online — Epic Brand Storytelling

websites to post short stories

Some other sites include and The second one is not very popular, but there is a 5-star rating system and a way to read, write, and receive feedback on short stories, songs, poems, etc. FictionPress is for basically anything you want to write as long as it 16/3/ · LOADS of people use that website to post stuff. It has poems, short stories, stories, and a bunch of other stuff. And sometimes if your article if really really good, the Teen Ink people will put your article in their magizine! Good luck! Source(s):! Duh! 0 1. patel. 6 years ago 31/8/ · After reading a story, readers can post a review of the overall story (similar to Goodreads) A stories success on another website does not guarantee success here; Serialized fiction is not an option; Overall: I started reading on Swoonreads in December and posted a book in Though the concept is refreshing, as of right now the site is Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

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